How We Do It

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How We Do It

We have a 3-step approach to all the projects we work on, check out some examples of our past work to understand how we may be able to help you.

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The Simple 3-Step WRAP



We conduct a thorough review of your brand from a holistic perspective to investigate whether your wrapper layers match your brand core. Our designers then visually assess your identity; evaluate the communication and how your brand is perceived internally and externally. This is done by understanding how your brand behaves and getting to know its personality, values and company culture. We’ll also look into who you’re up against in terms of competitors. We examine what they’re doing, if they are doing it better or who's doing it the best and how we can make you stand out for all the right reasons.


This is the creative phase where we create the branded world. Once we’ve waded through all our findings we put it in our brand filter and what we are left with is – the GAP! The GAP assists us with our creative and communication brief which enables us to provide a unique identity solution that meets our philosophy – a brand that will be top of mind, full of heart and add to your bottom line. Furthermore, we’ll ensure that we create an identity that embodies the personality of your brand and communicates its values first and foremost.


The juicy bit! This is where we start seeing your brand come to life through activation! Through applying your strategy visually, we ignite your brand and set it free... We prepare it to meet the outside world by getting the collateral elements and brand launch programmes ready for print and production. We’ll also host brand engagement programmes to help your staff buy into the new brand, creating brand ambassadors who drink, eat, sleep and promote your offering. Get the full scoop on our brand activation services now.


When it comes to getting down to business, you can rely on our team of brand strategists and designers to give your company both a competitive and creative edge.