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What We Have Worked On


JvR Consulting Psychologists

We were approached by JvR Consulting Psychologists to refresh their current identity and visual language.

Wrappa audited the JvRC brand and its competitors and conducted personal interviews with the brand team to define the brand and positioning. Wrappa developed a new set of values and brand personality from which the brand was then refreshed and developed creatively and strategically.

The logo was reviewed and followed an evolutionary tweak rather than a complete revolutionary change due to the equity of the brand being high and its association to the JvR Group which is highly regarded in big business.

We produced a range of bespoke illustrations, which were used to express the new “real people” approach to psychology assessment and consulting.

The illustrations depict people collaborating to make a change in the work environment. The illustration style ensures that the brand is more approachable and real whilst still portraying a professional approach to consulting.



“Thanks to the professionalism and creativity of WRAPPA Brand Consultancy, it is with great pride that JvR Consulting Psychologists unveils our new Corporate Identity. After almost 5 years in business, we elected to set aside an appropriate marketing budget, allowing us to engage with external branding experts to design a quality, revitalised “look and feel” to take to market...


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