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Dynamic Vision Optometrists



“Thank you to WRAPPA Brand Consultancy for the professionalism and enthusiasm that was evident throughout our rebranding exercise. WRAPPA have delivered a fresh and exciting brand that talks to our customers...

Dynamic Vision approached us to refresh their current identity and visual language. They felt their brand was dated and wanted to bring their brand in line with their strategic focus.

Brand Audit
Wrappa audited the brand and its competitors. We then developed a new set of values and brand personality from which the brand was then refreshed and developed creatively.
The Logo
The logo evolution was quite slight as it was established that the “eye” symbol in the brand mark was entrenched within the customers mind and that it had strong recall. What we did however was to refine the “eye” symbol to reflect a more stylised and refined eye and select a new, more sophisticated font. The colours used in the brand mark remained black as we felt that this was appropriate for the positioning of a luxury, aspirational retail brand.
Dynamic Vision Case Study
Visual Language
We updated the visual language style and colours to reflect a warmer, more approachable positioning. The current brand was too harsh and did no appeal to the mostly female target market and research showed that the brand colours were too masculine.

Once the logo was updated, we developed an iconic pattern, which is based on a combination of the SNELLEN eye test and the LEAH eye test, which is used to test illiterate children. The pattern was then developed using the secondary colour palette, which included a series of warmer colours.
Dynamic Vision Case Study
Brand Collateral
A range of branded collateral including brochures, website design, folders and a brand booklet, which was given to the optometrists that attended the brand launch held in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The new brand was unveiled at the launch and was very well received... the next day the team were inundated with requests to upgrade their stores to reflect the new look and feel.
Dynamic Vision Case Study
Rebranding Stores
The new stores are in the process of being designed and developed in collaboration with Brand DNA and Dynamic Vision and consulting advice is being provided by Wrappa.

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