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What We Have Worked On


AMC Classic


We were approached by AMC Classic to review and refresh their brand as well as develop a set of values.

Brand Workshop
We conducted a brand workshop, which was attended by key members of the AMC team. The session provided us with data, which enabled us to develop the brand values and personality.

AMC Cookware For Life
Brand Strategy
We also assessed the business strategy, the competitors and product lines. We prepared a full brand strategy, which defined the positioning as well as ideas for future product development.

We also provided ideas for brand ambassadors, which would be used to reinforce the presence to the relevant target markets.

Brand Identity Development
Once the brand strategy was approved, we commenced with the brand identity development, where we revised the brand mark (logo), the visual language and the branded collateral.

The development parameters were quite specific and we needed to maintain the "globe" iconography, which meant that the logo refresh would be evolutionary and not revolutionary.

The refreshed logo changes were therefore quite small. We retained the globe but tweaked and stylized it.

We also updated the font to a more contemporary one. The end result was a more simplified version of the existing logo.
AMC New and Old Logos
Development of AMC logo

Visual Language

We also developed a visual language style for AMC, which has not been utilized to date. We assessed their existing colour palette and felt that it was not relevant to the target market.

We therefore refreshed the colour palette, the new colour palette contained muted pastel colours.
AMC Visual Language
AMC Visual Language

Authentic Inspiration
We took our inspiration from where it all began - kitchens of the 60’s and 70’s. We updated the photographic style and introduced patterns and textures, which would be used to give it an authentic and wholesome feel.
Authentic Inspiration


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