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What We Have Worked On


Creating the Wrappa Brand

Project Summary

The name Wrappa, was derived from the concept of the different wrappers or layers of a brand. The wrappers of a brand include the personality, the identity and core essence and thus the expression of Wrappa. The name was adapted from “wrapper” to “wrappa” to create individuality as well as add a touch of quirkiness. We researched the name online and fortunately the domain was available and quickly registered the name.

Creating the Wrappa brand was no mean feat as it needed to express all the values of the new brand as well as capture the hearts and attention of new clients. The team brainstormed and thrashed out ideas for the identity, values, messaging and personality of the brand.

The core essence and brand philosophy was born – “we create brands that are top of mind, full of heart and add to the bottom line”

After defining the brief, we developed a creative platform for the brand. The design needed to express the brand personality and values as well as capture the following sentiments both visually, viscerally and verbally:

Bright, Different, Daring, Bold, Clean, Structured, Engaging and Friendly, Stripes ala “Paul Smith”

The identity was then developed and applied to a range of collateral namely the website, leave behind brochure, business card and car wrap.

Logo exploration

Kit of parts

Collateral elements



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