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What We Have Worked On


WRAPPA Car Wrap Designs


“Unforgettable and Unique” – Two words that describe the WRAPPA vehicle branding. The strategy behind creating the company vehicle wrap was to create brand awareness and spark a call to action via the website.

Vehicle branding is a moving billboard and, if used correctly, can give you brand awareness, unlike any other advertising medium. It grasps the interest of the audience, instantly, up close and personal.

wrappa car wrap

Unlike active advertising where your brand is directly marketed on the radio and TV, vehicle wraps fall in the passive advertising category.

With this mode of mobile advertising, you can spread the word about your brand whenever your car is on the move and a million people see your brand and most importantly – it’s free! No campaign or placement fees.

The WRAPPA vehicle design was an adaption of the WRAPPA logo, which evolves the stripes into free-flowing elements that evoke movement and feeling.

The vehicle being wrapped, a Mini Countryman, is new to South Africa and suggests a spirit of sassiness and trendiness, which are core personality traits of the WRAPPA brand.

The brand design is truly expressive of the persona and essence of brand. The bright and expressive car wrap catches people's attention whilst being on the move, constantly.

wrappa vehicle wraps

Industroclean Buddy and Truck Wraps

As part of the Industroclean rebrand project, the vehicle branding was designed in conjunctionwith other branded elements and aligned to the brand strategy . The design needed to reflect the brand personality and essence of the brand whilst having some fun with the medium.

industro clean car wrap

The “paint splatter” image was styled and created using various coloured paints and then photographed. The image was then placed strategically on the vehicle and then the Industroclean “drop” was placed on top of the paint splatter. The drop formation creates the illusion that the Industroclean drop is cleaning the paint as it drops in.

The bold, colourful design was applied to all the mobile service vans and trucks and has had a huge impact on the awareness of the brand. The Industroclean brand positioning is to set the benchmark in the cleaning arena and they are doing just that.... the vehicles are easily recognisable, memorable and the design contemporary, beating the competitors hands down.

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