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The Science of Strategic Planning

Brand strategy can be considered an art form; it has become so developed over the years that there is an actual science to creating the perfect brand and design strategy. Making use of the services of brand consultants will eliminate a lot of legwork. Here is a basic rundown of “The Science of Strategic Planning” so that you can get an understanding of the process.

Before you even begin to cultivate your own brand strategy, you need to consider a few important factors. These factors are the fundamental ingredients that will build a solid foundation for your brand. You want your brand and design strategy to be able to define you as a company or service provider.

Fundamentals of Brand Strategy

To build a successful design strategy that will ignite your brand you need to start by tapping into the essential elements of what it is you offer. You need to get to the core of what your company represents and find a way to present this through your brand. This is the first step towards total brand development and the step that will mould your brand into something that the public will come to recognise in the future. Professional design consultants can help you achieve this by conducting a complete brand audit of your company.

Your brand consultants will also take the following additional points into account in order to build a successful brand and design strategy for your company:

Who is your target market? Is your brand able to speak to your market or is it suited to a totally different dynamic?
What are your brands’ objectives? Do you have a clear understanding of what your brand represents? And more importantly, will the public understand this through your brand strategy and messaging
What do you want your brand to say about you? This ties in with the above point and is something that needs to speak in volumes of positivity!
• Does your brand reflect the personality of your company? Does it convey the areas of your expertise?

All of the above points need to be considered when building a successful brand strategy. Once you have evaluated and answered all of the above you can start moving towards the most important step in brand and design strategy: building brand loyalty.

The sooner people start to familiarise themselves with you and your brand, the sooner you can start building a level of trust with your consumers and customers. You want people to associate with your brand, to believe in and buy into the brand. Once you have the trust of your consumers, your brand strategy can take flight; lifting the capabilities of your company with it.

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