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Small Business Marketing - Branding Your SME

The notion of branding is usually one concerning giants. As the leviathans of big business tussle for optimum visibility in the market – with all of their arrogance, pomp and grandeur – it may seem that branding and any marketing and management therein, could never apply to the small business spectrum.

Yes, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often lose out on dedicated branding and marketing; this is mainly due to the absence of branding departments, and a lack of a presence of proactivity from the purveyors of the enterprise itself.

At WRAPPA, we provide that proactivity. Our sound branding and marketing consultancy gives you the leverage needed in sparking your brand visibility . We coach you on effective small business marketing that’s sure to build your name.


Put simply, small business marketing and the building of a brand need not be a purely ‘clash of the titans’ affair. Your brand can ascend to heights unexplored, but only with our very sage advice.

As professional brand strategists and masters of the small business marketing strategy, we can:
•Provide research and technique on effective differentiation of your brand identity. It’s the first step in making a brand a brand, and the separation of yours as the most competent on the market.
Show you how to give your brand a voice. Personality helps in providing your potential clientele with an emotional connection to your product or service. A target market that is emotionally connected to you is one willing to give you all the time in the world.
Equip you with the knowledge to further educate and train your staff. This is done with the goal of keeping with the ethos and direction of your brand by the very representatives that keep it churning.
• Give you the tools to create a workable system whereby brand management and marketing exist in perpetual motion. We’ll show you the intricacies of consumer care, how to nurture a tradition of providing flawless customer experience, and how to tie it all in into making your brand an entity holding its own, for the unforeseeable future.

A Long-Term Commitment

A small business marketing strategy is a branding tool needing unwavering commitment. You, as custodian to your business purpose and its fledgling identity, need to realise that the concept of marketing and brand management, is an investment.

It’s a way to steer your company to becoming a source of product or service provision that is no longer fleeting. With its help, you suddenly become ubiquitous, and are able to stand with giants of the trade as an entity fully capable, and here to stay.
WRAPPA is a brand consultancy that offers full-spectrum brand management services for start-ups and large corporates alike. They maintain a fresh approach to optimising brands in accordance with markets, trends, consumer behaviour and endless research, and utilise holistic design consulting techniques in determining the optimum look and feel for your brand.

Contact WRAPPA Brand Consultancy today and make your brand work for you!