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Effective Target Marketing

WRAPPA has a team of dedicated project managers, strategists and creative professionals who know brand and design as well as you know your own company. Their main objective is to ensure your brand wrapper compliments your brand's personality.

WRAPPA focuses on a target marketing strategy to ensure your brand is positioned correctly and is aimed at the correct target audience. The strategy is based on in depth customer research to find out who your customers are, what they want and how you can deliver it to them. All in all, this form of brand marketing ensures that the essence of your business is well echoed through your product or service.

Brand Marketing At Its Best

If you feel that your brand is being undermined by your marketing strategy, WRAPPA's team will assist with the optimisation of your target marketing strategy.

To holistically cover your clients' wants and needs, WRAPPA first examines your brand's presence in the market. This is done by utilising existing branding elements by evaluating your website, your logo and identity, your office decor as well as your brochure designs - basically all brand touch points. Once this evaluation has been completed, we will provide you with a recommendation on how to position your brand to the correct market.

The other side of target marketing involves the way your customers experience your brand's marketing strategy. There are four ways WRAPPA creates the absolute best marketing strategy for your brand:

High employee calibre – training the right employees with the right attitude who are brand aware, caring, capable, qualified, energetic and brand friendly.
Best product and service quality – in your price and product tier you need to have a good quality product matched with service quality and your brand will stand a head above your competitors.
Competent buying process – this requires that your product is easy for your customers to purchase at its promised locations; customers can always find it and it is always there when they need it; even returning the product must be an efficient and considered process made easy for your customer.
Outstanding customer service level – it is pointless and costly having a fantastic product in the right place at the right time if you don’t have outstanding customer service to match it.

Our consultants will manage these four areas alongside the way customers see your brand.

Target Marketing - Hitting the Nail On the Head

Let WRAPPA inspect, imagine and ignite your company's brand to exceed your branding strategy. We understand that every company is different and so we will create a unique target marketing strategy that will boost your brand's reputation and add to the bottom line.
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