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When Should A Company Rebrand?

The importance of your company’s brand is as vital as a positive self-image. Shaping the identity of your company starts with your brand strategy and corporate identity design. In many cases when all might seem lost, a simple rebrand can be all that your company needs to give it the power of persuasion that might have been previously lacking. Think of a rebrand as a makeover for your corporate identity design and your chosen reputable group of brand strategists as the make-up artists.

Deciding When To Move Towards A Rebrand

Deciding to rebrand your company is not something that should be taken lightly. When reviewing your brand strategy, you need to determine whether or not your corporate identity design is working for you and your company. If it is still representative of everything you stand for, if it’s prominent and well known and it depicts the message you are trying to convey to the world, then it’s probably best not to rebrand at this stage.

A company that rebrands itself could also completely lose its identity in the process, so you need to make 100% sure that your company is in fact ready. Ask yourself these questions if you are unsure:
Is your company being classified incorrectly because of your current brand?
Is your brand completely dated, to the point where it is unappealing?
Are you looking to attract a new target market?
Have you introduced a new service that changes the effectiveness of your current brand?
Is your competition closing in and even overtaking you because your brand is not working for you anymore?
Has everything around your brand changed or been upgraded, leaving it isolated and disconnected to the rest of the company?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then perhaps it’s time you looked at a rebrand for your company and an overhaul of your corporate identity design. Consulting the services of specialists in this field will only assist in combining the right ingredients together for a rebrand that will capture attention. Make sure you choose a company that has worked on many successful cases with top-end clients. The team of brand strategists that you choose should also be able to detail exactly how they’ll go about conducting your rebrand; from start to finish.

Remember at all times that your brand is the true reflection of your business. It’s the outer layer to your inner workings and the first thing someone sees when they come into contact with your company. You want it to pack some punch and you want people to remember it. If your brand isn’t doing this for you then it is time for that makeover!
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