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The Importance of Brand Identity

“We refer to brand identity as the visual expression of the brand.” How does your brand appear to the outside world, and what does it say? We all strive towards creating a brand identity that people resonate with; having the brand positioning that the outside world will relate to, that also allows them to understand what products or services you deliver.

There is no doubt that a picture speaks a thousand words, but how do you construct the right visual identity for your brand? And how do you know that your graphical expression is working for your brand strategy? Brand consultants are the go-to people for the problem at hand. Not only will they carry out a complete brand audit for you, but they will also suggest ways in which to improve, evolve or even reinvent your brand. Before we delve further into the role of brand and design consultants, let us review how a highly regarded brand identity can positively impact your business.

Persuasive Brand Identity | Where It Adds Value

A well thought out brand identity will aptly describe your business without the use of words; it is the silent representative that speaks on your behalf. The visual representation of your brand will be an identification tool that addresses your brand strategy at the same time as reflecting the personality, culture and values of your company. It is an active agent that sells your product, services or business while you concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

Your identity is crucial to communicating what your brand stands for and how you want your customers to perceive it. It sets you apart from your competitors and communicates the direction that your business is moving in. While following the flow of design evolution, your brand positioning will be a depiction of the fact that you are moving with the times, without being a follower; evolving, without changing your principles. Understanding how to incorporate all of these elements into your brand identity is the tricky bit, which is why trusting the services of a group of design consultants is your best move forward.

Finding the Right Brand Consultancy

To ascertain whether or not you have found the right brand consultancy for your needs, you need to look at what they are offering you. You need to find a team of skilled professionals who are literally passionate about brands. They live, eat, sleep and dream brands and when they are not doing any of those things, they are talking or reading about brands. They will have worked on a number of exceptional clients in the past, and will be able to prove their success through positive testimonials and an inspiring portfolio.

Your chosen design consultancy needs to look at your business, conduct research into your roles and understand your niche market and competitors. A reliable group of brand consultants will also recognise how your core principles and company culture should tie in with your brand. They will combine all their findings into a presentation of visual expression that is backed up by logic and intellect. They will be bold in making recommendations for change, but will not necessarily advocate change for the sake of change.


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