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Step By Step Corporate Branding For Your Business

One of the primary steps in effective brand development is creating a logo that communicates the message behind your business, to the rest of the world. Corporate branding is the essence of successful brand development and is not a matter of creating pretty pictures; it is more a point of devising a functional representative for your company and company name.

When it comes to logo inspiration, you might already have an idea in mind about how you would best want to display your corporate branding and how you’d like your logo to look. Here are some pointers to bear in mind with regards to your overall brand development and how you bring it to fruition.

Brand Development Pointers

When looking for logo inspiration, start with these few pointers that will help you move in the right direction.
1. Invest in the services of a trusted, experienced team of brand strategists who make a living out of creating the perfect corporate branding. Find a team that has worked on similar projects to yours as well as a host of positive testimonials. Then ask yourself these questions…
2. Are there any colours, fonts, designs in particular that you want to incorporate into your logo design and corporate branding? Present them to your brand strategists to see if they agree and if so, how best these can be used when defining your corporate identity.
3. Use bright colours... within reason! Bright colours attract attention but can be gaudy and overbearing if taken too far onto the extreme of the colour spectrum.
4. Without ignoring the creative appeal, your logo should be simple and uncomplicated. Too many intricacies will confuse people and detract from the purpose behind your logo inspiration and will also make it difficult for you to resize or replicate.
5. Your corporate branding and logo design should be created in such a way that they can be used on multiple platforms and still appear with the same vivacity. Whether it is used on billboards, websites or brochures, your logo should convey the same message.
Always remember that successful brand development does not happen overnight. A brand takes time to develop with your nurturing guidance and some strategic expertise. Bearing this in mind here are a few don’ts when it comes to logo inspiration and communication:
1. Don’t try and turn your product or service into your company brand. Your brand is the spokesperson for your product or service and it is there to propel your business to great heights, it is not your actual brand.
2. Remember too that your logo is also not your brand. It is a description of what your brand stands for.
3. Avoid trying to design a logo that is very obviously in line with the latest trends. In 10 years’ time that “look” may not be appealing anymore and it will make your corporate identity appear tired and out of date.
Remember that a logo is that piece of information that will always remind you of a particular brand. Think of Apple or Google, Nike or Puma. These logos speak volumes about their brands upon first glance and the elements of these logos are simple, clean, effective, eye-catching and memorable. This is what you want from your corporate branding; something that makes the basic introductions and then works to carry the name of your business wherever it goes.
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