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Branding For The Brain

Those who profess to possess a comprehensive and intact understanding of human cognitive behaviour, can, in most instances, be called deluded themselves. The swirling whirlwinds of our psyches, house many natural mysteries, myths and conundrums, and so cannot be said to be fully understood.

However, as we’ve become more conscious of the cognitive, we’ve learned a great deal about repeat associations, behaviours and attributes ever-present within our human ‘thinking’.

A well-placed branding strategy is one such association . The effective recognition of a brand is, to the human mind, what a rose, or a rainbow, or a summer sunset is to the human eye. It’s something to hold onto, look forward to; it’s something with aesthetic and ingrained features that are recognisable, reliable and believable.

The Small Business Website

To tap into the cognitive well within the human mind, your small business branding need become as aesthetic, architectural and fundamental as any of the world’s largest product leaders.

Branding today consists of a myriad of ways in which to further project your product or company name. However, towering like a binary oak, branches spread further than most other forms of branding could ever reach, is the colossus that is the web.

Today, if your company, product or service does not have a presence somewhere on this so fascinating a marketing tool, you need realise, without a doubt, the devastating disadvantage you’ve let manifest.

Cognitive Thinking In Online Small Business Marketing

A decent online presence can do wonders in harnessing that output of cognitive reaction to your brand that your potential clientele project outward to you daily:
Reliability in predictability – Nothing is certain in this world and maintaining a reputation within your product, of consistency, and the constant delivery of service and quality, mean your target market searching for your product online, every time.
Your identity should be synonymous with quality – The span of the internet provides visibility for you. As you grow your name and presence, and deliver on product, unconscious association with the positive traits of your brand will grow in increment, causing a 'halo effect’ with your other offerings or products.
Master emotion – There is a term known in marketing, as ‘anchoring.’ Nestled within this concept, is the fact that your clientele will, from first interaction with you, form impressions anchored within the core concept of what it is you are providing them. To capitalise on this cognitive gem, you need communicate with them on an emotional plane.

Small Business Branding - Be Mindful, Be Online

The online space is where we mostly dwell. It’s a wonderful place of endless branding potential, and with it, comes a power unfathomable. It’s a place where you get to engage your target market, build trust and reputation with them, and dwell together in a place of provider/consumer cognitive interactivity, where you both reap the reward.

The online landscape provides a number of ways: be it visual, through words, or the interactivity of Social Media, and with it you can swiftly change a fond feeling toward your brand, into an all-out dedication in your product and its market prowess.
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