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Bet you didn't notice Facebook changed its logo!


According to Josh Higgins, Facebook Creative Director, the change was triggered by an aspiration to make the logo more friendly and approachable. Higgins also stated the brand needed a refresh, not a full redesign.

As is the current trend to simplify, the new logo ticks all the boxes. Whilst seemingly cosmetic, the old “facebook” is now typed in a less distinctive font than before. The most obvious change being the switch from a double-story "a" to a single-story one, with more white space and thinner letters.

The brief was to make the logo more approachable, friendly and legible, all imperative in the age of the mobile device. What the new logo lacks in personality, its makes up for it in practicality. The new logo has been optimized for legibility on any mobile device.

The strategy driven decision to update the logo was due to the increase in Facebook users in Africa and India. The need to appeal to the mass market and with mobile technology still lagging, the need for legibility on small, backlit screens was crucial.

The original logo was created in 2005 so the logo refresh is long overdue. The new identity will be showing up across Facebook's various sites and apps soon, with the “F: symbol and favicon remaining unchanged. However, its very likely you won’t even notice
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