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Brand Development: Building a Wine Brand Inside and Out

The modern wine industry is extremely competitive and fragmented. It is vital for wine brands to ensure that they have the brand equity required to rise above the competition and get their labels off the shelf and into the homes of their target consumers.

This requires a branding strategy that encompasses well-planned brand development from label design and brand positioning to internal branding and effective communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Wine Brand Identity

All wineries have a distinctive story and personality defined by everything from the wine farm’s history and winemaking style, to the building structures and owners or employees. This unique personality is felt by anyone who visits the wine estate or talks to the winemaker. In order to elevate a wine brand in a heavily saturated industry, this inimitable character must be transferred to prospective consumers through branding signals.

Packaging, wine label design, a logo, advertising messages as well as all other forms of communication must embody this personality in order to grow brand equity and reach. A brand is a concept or idea that is held in the minds of the consumers. If the unique personality conveyed through a brand is valued by prospective customers, the wine will be successfully branded.

Brand Audit

In the case of older wine brands, a brand audit may be required in order to outline strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and to assess areas in which the branding strategy can be improved or revamped. An audit consists of an assessment of internal and external stakeholders, competitors, brand positioning, brand identity, brand equity, brand architecture, communications and budgeting/resource allocation.

A comprehensive brand audit can help to divulge potential growth opportunities and various ways that new markets can resonate with your brand. As the wine industry continues to grow, it is necessary for existing brands to review their branding strategies and adjust them to grow with the establishing market. A professional agency of brand consultants can assist in the audit procedure.

Internal Branding Strategy

Whilst branding efforts are primarily an attempt to grow and develop a concept in the minds of consumers and prospective customers, it is also of utmost importance that internal branding campaigns provide stakeholders within the company with a solid conception of what your brand stands for.

As with any element of a branding strategy, information is vital. Research should be carried out to determine what will resonate with employees. It is a mistake to assume that you know what your employees are thinking. As mentioned above a comprehensive brand audit can aid in revealing what your internal stakeholders think of your brand and a team of well-trained brand consultants can assist in carrying out a successful brand audit.

Living the Brand

Building brand equity is not strictly a marketing effort. Branding strategies have to be embraced by the entire organization; from the salespeople, to the winemakers, to the person employed to pour wine in the tasting room - every person in every functional department needs to understand and believe in the brand in order for it to be successful.

The branding efforts are a reflection of the unique personality of the winery, so all work to produce and promote the organisation should be carried out with the overall objectives, vision, mission and goals of the winery in mind. Without comprehensive internal branding campaigns that convey the essence of the brand to all internal stakeholders, communication to customers is likely to be inconsistent and the brand could fail.


Effectively branding a winery is a process that involves extensive strategizing and the implementation of an integrated marketing approach that incorporates all aspects of brand development, from designing a striking label and positioning your brand in the market, to executing effective internal branding campaigns and ensuring that all your employees truly ‘live the brand’.
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