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What is Brand Management?


Brand Management is the key function in the consumer products industry. It includes managing tangible and intangible characteristics of brand. It is about defining the brand, positioning the brand, and delivering the brand . Brand Management is the art of creation and sustenance.

In the truly competition-driven warzone of brand relevance and placing, the real heroes, the real soldiers of fortune, are the brand managers themselves.


The Role of a Brand Manager

Brand managers are often likened to small business owners because of the way in which they assume responsibility for a brand.

It is the Brand Manager’s job to understand and promote the brand's essence, map out competitors, identify marketing opportunities, and be able to effectively communicate the brand’s unique selling proposition. In short, they are expected to develop a brand promise, make that promise, fulfil it, and maintain it.

Market Research

Brand managers are required to guide market research. This is no mean feat, as the process by which sound brand guidance is implemented follows a very specific and engaging protocol. This protocol is all-encompassing and takes into account the many shining facets of a working brand guide.

Brand managers set agendas, establish brand criteria, highlight media, analyse results and implement those results to develop a working marketing strategy. This protocol then ensures that by combining these factors the strategy works to uplift the brand.

The resulting marketing strategy may call for a new campaign, new products, or creating a new vision for the brand. The Brand Manager needs to also ensure that other functions such as promotions, market research, research and development, and manufacturing are coordinated to implement the chosen strategy.

Brand Reputation Management

Brand Managers are also responsible for brand reputation management, ensuring that all aspects are seen in a good light by consumers. There are a number of online reputation management tools that can assist in monitoring the status of your brand through your consumers’ eyes.
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