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Brand Management and Strategic Planning

Planning identifies a path, a course, on which a brand should be firmly set. This is based on extensive research by those in the know on how to further that brand’s position in the market, and predict, in theory, the likeliest destination for positive result.

Digital brand management essentially takes the process of planning and applies the result to today’s perpetually morphing environment. With the two working as one, a brand can change to suit the market; retaining the formula for its own success and relevance, sought from that planning.

Digital Brand Management Today

In today’s volatile market conditions, there is often a significant disconnect between the fastidiousness of rigorous account planning and the ever dynamic reality of effective brand management.

Many brands have felt this disconnect, with planning coming across as fleeting - a once-off - and brand management mired by yet another significant market change.

Brand management, however, is the focus, and should be seen as more of an umbrella term under which planning and affordable creativity (the final point in the delivered product) can comfortably coexist; and co-produce.

Brand Management as a Strategic Tool

Brand management involves:

Addressing the market – if that market has been identified, brand identity has been established, and a voice has been built, a significant chunk of planning is done. All that remains is continued maintenance of what that brand is about.
Being recognisable – recognisable but ready to change direction if and when it needs. When the markets change, a brand should be a stalwart of a trade…but a fresh stalwart. All planning then falls into place.
Having patience – think of brand management as being on a constant retainer. It needs to be visible, no matter the market, and needs to be recognisable, no matter the brand vision. Rest assured though, every minute of market visibility is one that will further sharpen the lines that can blur business intent.

These tools are basic fundamentals to brand management, and all echo in mantra as to how to approach strategy and planning, too.

The Brand Management Spectrum

Many clients of agencies and creative firms have voiced unease at the relevance of planning, or strategic facets to brand building.

The fact of the matter is, even though a brand management approach should cover all aspects of an account, planning and strategy need to work as contributor.

In the marketing crucible, both fulfil a number of significant roles individually, but when placed in succession - and along with well-executed creative input – a tempest of idea and vision often results, leading to the stellar rise of the brand involved, no matter the economic or market standing.
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