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Logo Design

A logo is more than a symbol.
It is a trusted face in a crowd. It is the perfect visual representation of everything your brand is, stands for and aspires to be. It demands the ultimate balance between graphic simplicity and brand depth.

WRAPPA’s team of innovative and experienced designers are ready to:

Design a logo that is unique, instantly recognisable and universally comprehensible.
Create and instil brand purpose and product function.
Honour and enforce your brand’s ethics and values.
Accentuate your brand identity with a clean, polished and professional look.
Ensure a logo that captures the market and provides a return on investment.
Engineer a logo that is versatile for your diverse marketing needs.
Formulate a tagline that encapsulates the essence of your brand.
Deliver continual support and assistance.
Keep you and your vision at the helm.
Give your brand a face. Fill in the form and we’ll send your quote.