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The Art of Brand Activation


Revamping and refreshing a brand can be an arduous process. It requires intensive research, careful planning and, of course, more than a spark of creativity. Even the most carefully-crafted branding strategies can be rendered inert, if brands do not pursue appropriate brand activations.

It is for this very reason that brand agencies such as WRAPPA put such emphasis on brand activation.


Brand Activation: The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Wrappa have a tailor-made three-step process when tackling any brand consultation: inspect, imagine and ignite.

Inspection involves deep brand and competitor research to identify core brand truths and imagining involves crafting an approach to launching a brand to top of mind.

All this difficult work, however, would be worthless without ignition – doing the heavy-lifting to light a brand’s fuse through the implementation of brand strategies.

What is Brand Activation?

Brand activation refers to preparing a re-imagined brand to meet the outside world; getting the collateral elements and brand launch programmes ready for print and production. A memorable brand launch with intriguing activation events is crucial to burning a brand’s fresh approach into the hearts and minds of consumers. This requires both extreme creativity and attention to detail, encompassing everything from creative concept to event branding.

Wrappa go one step further with brand activation. They offer brand engagement programmes to clients’ employees, immersing them in the new brand personality and ethos, producing a home-grown squad of brand ambassadors.

Ignition, thus, is the key to transforming bright ideas and careful planning into a living, breathing brand.
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