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Car Wraps For Brand Positioning

You’ve probably seen them on the streets, driving through your neighbourhood; commanding attention wherever they go; turning heads and creating a stir. No, we’re not talking about the taxis that adorn our streets. We’re talking about the cars that are adorned with a brand strategy! Car wrap design is fast becoming an affordable and accessible form of advertising for all businesses.

Car wraps have become increasingly popular in the last few years as a method of elevating brand positioning to more noticeable heights. Brand consultants have actually realised the benefit to having so many taxis and business cars on the road and have taken advantage of this medium with vehicle wraps to spread the elements of their brand strategy across the cities.

Including Vehicle Wraps In Your Brand Strategy

Car wraps basically cover your business vehicle in advertising . The best part is that wherever the vehicle goes, so too does the message being conveyed by the design consultants who created the advert. What started as a paint job covering an entire bus, car or taxi has now become a lot simpler and easy to achieve with vinyl and decals. The vehicle wraps are applied to the car with great precision and can be removed easily for an instant refresh.

When considering how the vinyls and decals are applied, it is understandable that South African taxis would be the easiest vehicles to work with as they have vast, flat surfaces. Even the windows can be covered with the advertising for your brand strategy, although the vinyl is perforated so that the driver can easily see out all the windows, while the outside world remains oblivious to what lies beyond the advert. This is not to say that other cars are out of the question; no matter how many curves or corners your business vehicle may have, there is a car wrap design that can be made to fit your car perfectly.

Just one vehicle can generate thousands of impressions per day, making it a viable brand positioning tactic. Car wraps can be partial wraps, full wraps, window covers (perforated) or even cut out decals that adorn the sides, front or back of cars. Full vehicle wrap advertising is the most noticeable and will give drivers something to read while sitting in traffic!

Find A Design Consultancy To Execute Your Car Wrap Design


When enlisting the services of a reputable brand consultancy to take your advertising vision and convert it into an eye-catching vehicle wrap, make sure you do your homework. Check out the previous projects the team has worked on, make sure they have a list of highly defined clientele and read up a bit about how they execute their car wrap design projects.

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