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“Thanks to the professionalism and creativity of WRAPPA Brand Consultancy, it is with great pride that JvR Consulting Psychologists unveils our new Corporate Identity. After almost 5 years in business, we elected to set aside an appropriate marketing budget, allowing us to engage with external branding experts to design a quality, revitalised “look and feel” to take to market. The rationale behind contracting with WRAPPA was not only to craft a more identifiable brand, but also to ensure that we captured:

• the spirit, soul and values of our brand
• our personality and reason for being

WRAPPA was able to do just that, and we believe that with their expertise, and quality service, our new Corporate Identity will not only attract our target demographic, but will further emphasise our service offerings. International giants are not the only companies who can afford to build their brand alongside their businesses, and as such, we highly recommend WRAPPA to organisations of any size and shape. They have assisted us in our quest to differentiate ourselves in a somewhat competitive and crowded industry. A big THANKS to Christine, and her team of highly professional staff”


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WRAPPA Brand Consultancy

WRAPPA is a brand agency with a fresh approach to brand management and development – from fledgling start-ups to established businesses needing a brand revamp. We know that in order to thrive, you need to stand out in the market. Through a thorough brand analysis, we’ll present a fresh and effective solution for your branding. Contact us to find out more.

Our Brand Management Services

We offer a hands-on approach when it comes to brand consultancy, offering big brand agency expertise and services at affordable and realistic rates. Our dedicated team of brand designers and strategists can assist you in either rebranding your existing company or crafting your brand from scratch. What’s more, we understand that you’re an inherent part of the project, our unique and holistic approach to the way we work with you allows us to understand what you’d like your market perception to be in terms of design, strategy as well as staff familiarisation. Review our brand consultancy services.